Spring Study oil painting with trees and sky


Megan Ward

Megan painting and looking at brush

Megan graduated from OCAD University in 2012 with a BFA in Drawing & Painting. The final year of her program was completed at OCADU’s studio in Florence, Italy. She then returned to the Peterborough area and established her professional practice. Meg paints primarily in oils, but also uses acrylics, drawing materials, collage, and digital processes. 

Left hand holding paintbrushes in front of painting

Meg is currently focused on painting landscapes through a fluid mixture of representational and abstract approaches. Often, she is responding to season, mood, and other symbolic aspects of natural cycles. Emotionality is conveyed through the changeability of weather; fleeting feelings are captured in thick paint over washes, fanciful textures, and atmospheric effects at horizon lines. There is a sense of multiplicity in the active skies, accented with sparks of colour. As fragrance can unlock memories, the shapes of landforms, flowers, and other elements of nature forge a personal connection with the viewer. These details in each piece hint at the intimacy contained within something expansive. 

Megan with her father looking through binoculars

"I've always observed my inner and outer worlds with quiet curiosity and I developed a strong imagination in childhood. Reading playing an integral role in the evolution of my creative flexibility. Painting as a vocation came later—an interest that deepened slowly with encouragement from family and teachers. As an avid consumer of art in all its forms, I believe in its powers to help us celebrate our vitality, and to learn about ourselves and the world around us."

Meg holding large painting

Hexagon Studios as a brand evolved from idea of the bee, which is often used to emphasize the qualities of creativity, communication, and dedication. These are foundational elements in a fulfilling artistic life. Now something of a family crest, the bee was originally chosen as a logo by Meg’s mother Joanne for her graphic design business, Beeline Design & Communications.

In 2015, they were looking for new workspace when they came across a building for sale that reminded them of a beehive. This ultimately became a family property with plenty of room to house their studios.