Please get in touch with me at megan@hexagonstudios.ca with any additional questions.

Do you offer alternate payment methods?
There are many ways to pay directly through this website, however, please contact me if you would prefer to use e-transfer or discuss a payment plan.

There is no added charge for purchasing in installments. Starting with a deposit of 25% on the final amount (including taxes and any applicable shipping fees), we will determine a comfortable payment schedule. The painting will remain in the studio until payment is complete. Should you choose to cancel the purchase before completing payment, I will refund your money minus a fee of 10% of the amount paid up to that point. This helps to cover administration and transaction fees

I have a hard time visualizing how a painting will look on my wall. Can you help me?

Yes! Here are a couple of ways to help you decide:

  1. If you're unsure about scale, cut out some newspaper to size and stick it on the wall with painters' tape. It can be easier to make the decision with the real-world proportions rather than using photo.

  2. Contact me if you would like a mock-up. I'll need a photo or two of your space in order to superimpose the painting(s) onto your wall. Measure out the size of the painting on the appropriate wall and use bits of painters' tape or post-its to mark corners, or newsprint as per option #1 above. These markers ensure the painting will appear to scale in the mock-up. If possible, take the photo during the daytime under natural light and aim the camera straight at the wall (not on an angle). Try to include some furniture and fixtures in your shot for context. Please send me the largest size of the photo available on your device.

Are there any differences between online images and how a painting looks in person? 
Every effort has been made to provide accuracy in colour, texture, and size of the paintings on this website. Of course, the images you see online may have slight variations due to differences between browsers, devices, and screen settings. The light and decor in your space will affect how the colours in the painting read in person. There is often texture in my work as shown in the side-angle photos in the product listings. I use varnish to bring out the deeper tones in the oil paintings. Please feel free to send questions before making a purchase.

Do you offer studio pick-up or delivery?
Yes, pick-up is available by appointment and can be arranged by contacting me before making your purchase. Free delivery of large works (40" and larger on any side) is available in certain locations. Please check the Shipping Policy for details.

What medium do you use?

Most of my paintings are in oil; however, I also use acrylic paints and drawing materials. I take care to use sound techniques and quality supplies, which are important for achieving a luxurious finish and ensuring the lifespan of an artwork. Additionally, paintings should be cared for by keeping them away from harsh light and heat sources, or excessive fluctuations in temperature and humidity. This helps prevent deterioration like fading, cracking, warping, mold, etc. Paintings on paper are the most fragile and should be framed behind protective glass.

Do you always varnish your work?
My paintings on canvas and panel are usually varnished both to protect the painting and to unify the finish. For oil paintings, I often use a somewhat glossy varnish to enhance the depth of darker colours. Other finishes are available upon request for unfinished works. Acrylic paintings often receive a varnish with UV protection to help slow any fading from light exposure (please try to avoid direct sunlight when hanging). My paintings on paper are not usually varnished (unless indicated) and should be framed behind glass.

Do you sign your work? I don't see a signature in the images.
Absolutely! I sign every painting on the back along with the title, date, and materials used. The signature is important for verifying the authenticity of any artwork, but it does not have to be on the front. I choose to put mine on the back so that it does not interfere with the composition.

Are your paintings ready to hang?
Yes, all paintings on canvas and panel are fitted with hardware and wire for hanging. Heavier pieces will have large D-rings and will require more careful measuring during the hanging process, as well as wall anchors. Unframed paintings on paper are not ready to hang, however, and are marked as such in the product details.

Do you frame your work?
Yes, sometimes. Framed works are clearly shown in photos and details are included in the product description. If you see a painting that is unframed and you would like me to provide suggestions or a quote on framing costs, please let me know.

Many clients like the simplicity of an unframed canvas or panel. The edges are painted so that each piece can be hung as-is and without added expense. Framed paintings are more costly to produce and to ship. They are quite vulnerable to damage during shipping and handling. It's also much easier to decide on a frame colour and style once you have the painting in hand.

What colour(s) are the edges of your paintings?
I often paint the edges white, but sometimes I make other choices based on what works well with the piece. The product listings usually show a side view. White tends to work with most decor, but the edges are also an opportunity to use an accent colour. Customers are welcome to request another colour free of charge once they have committed to a purchase. For example, if the painting will be framed, a grey or other dark/neutral colour may be a better choice to blend with the interior of the frame. Please email me in advance of your purchase to discuss repainting the edges so that I can plan accordingly (it would delay shipping time by a few days to repaint the edges).

Do you do commissions?
While I have offered commission options at times, I am not currently taking new commission work. My focus is on new bodies of work for the time being. That said, if you would like to discuss the potential for a commissioned piece sometime in the future, please get in touch with me. We can discuss whether it would be a good fit and what that timeline would look like.

Do you offer prints?
I do not offer reproductions of my paintings at this time. All works on paper currently available on this website are original, one-of-a-kind paintings. The product listings indicate materials used on each piece. I understand that prints are more affordable ways for people to start collecting work by the artists they love. If I ever launch editions of my work, I'll be sure to announce it through my newsletter and on social media.

Last updated: January 18, 2024